Our Offer

Single Standard Room

On the first floor, the smallest, ideal for 1 person, with a French balcony

Basic Double Room

On the first floor, the smallest for a couple, with a French balcony

Standard Double Room

Upstairs, Medium size with a walk-through terrace or French balcony

Superior Double Room

On the ground floor or first floor, large with a terrace or balcony, with a child up to 3 years

Apart. Standard for 3 Persons

First floor, bedroom and living room, with balcony, with a child up to 3 years old

Apart. Superior for 3 Persons

Ground floor, bedroom and living room, with terrace, with a child up to 3 years

Apart. Superior for 4 Persons

First floor, 2 bedrooms and a living room, with a balcony, with a child up to 3 years old

Apart. Deluxe for 4 persons

2nd floor, 2 bedrooms and a living room, overlooking the lighthouse







Rooms and apartments

Depending on the demand, i.e. the number of people going on holiday, you can choose rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people. You can also bet on apartments of this size. Depending on the length of stay price changes. The costs also change due to the standard of the place where we want to spend time during our stay in Niechorze. So it's worth browsing offers on akwamaryn.pl and finding your dream room or apartment for yourself and your loved ones. You can also think about organizing some training in the seaside village of Niechorze. In such a situation, renting rooms will probably be cheaper. Organized groups always get some discounts, even if they are not listed on the website, it's worth asking. And the coastal climate is conducive to both science and business, so it is worth keeping this issue in mind.

If you are sea wolves, you love the Polish sea, but you also like lakes, Niechorze is the perfect place. It is worth coming to this town to be able to relax without crowds of tourists, but by our beautiful sea in wonderful rooms.

Apartments Niechorze

As in every seaside town, you can rent apartments. Niechorze is a wonderful place where you can easily find accommodation in a good style. The akwamaryn.pl website includes, among others: Niechorze close to the sea in the style of an apartment, as well as pokoje Niechorze. Na tym portalu każdy znajdzi e something for yourself, because it is worth remembering that there are many such beautiful seaside towns, but it is the climate of Niechorze that makes many people not only go there once, but go there again, which is why the tourist industry takes care of good quality accommodation. Niechorze is a place distinguished by the standard of accommodation possibilities.

Or maybe to the sea

This is a question that comes up many times from the mouths of different people. When choosing a place, it is worth paying attention to Niechorze. Apartments here are slightly cheaper than in many other seaside places. It is worth considering the choice of Niechorze. Accommodation can be found both close to the sea and a little further or in the vicinity of the lake, which is nearby. Niechorze also offers a vantage point in the form of lighthouse. Which makes you feel like a real sea wolf. Beautiful pier and many interesting corners make Niechorze a very attractive place. And thanks to the possibility of finding smaller and larger apartments or rooms for the night, there is no problem with staying in this place. So it's worth considering whether if we want to go to the seaside, it won't turn out to be Niechorze, not better than the most popular resorts?